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  • Sea Freight

    • Booking: LITTON, as NVOCC, keeps cooperation with many shipping lines. We can provide the latest ocean freight and book the vessel at main ports all over the world to provide all sided service.

    • Inland Handling: our service includes booking,storage,sorting,pakcing,customs application,quarantine inspection,insurance and delivery….

    • Types of Cargo: oversize cargo, ultra-light cargo, special containers and cargo…

    • Sailing Line: all main ports around the world

    • Preponderant Countries: North America: USA,Canada … Europe: Germany,Italy,Spain, UK,France… Africa: Libya,Morocco,Algeria,Egypt… Latin America: Mexico,Brazil…

    • We own experienced and skilled staff. They well understand the rules and peculiarity of each port. We built up favorable relationship with the customs,quarantine center, ship agents,marine bureau and ports. It helps our customers to control the shipping costs and avoid trouble. We not only provide benefit, but also smooth shipping.

    Hot Line:010-80414293/18612235173